Your appearance and confidence is of great importance to us. Skin problems can even affect your confidence level sometimes. The types and causes of skin and hair problems are different in different people. It may be genetic, age related, and may even be due to hormonal issues, allergy, stress, etc. The treatments needed also differ according to the cause, age, skin type, etc. Our dermatology department offers diligent and precise treatment for all your skin problems. Our department is well equipped with the most modern and advanced technology to diagnose all types of skin problems.
Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. A dermatologist is a specialist medical doctor who manages diseases related to skin, hair, nails, and some cosmetic problems. Our dermatologists are well trained to do all types of treatments and clinical procedures. We promise that we can help you look and feel younger and healthier. We provide special care and treatments to your problems relating to skin, hair and nail.

Special care and Treatments

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Skin problems may be temporary, permanent or those affecting children. Some may be severe and require long term and special care and treatment or even surgeries. Temporary skin disorders include contact dermatitis and keratosis pilaris. Rosacea, psoriasis and vitiligo are permanent disorders affecting skin. Eczema, diaper rash, seborrheic dermatitis, chickenpox, measles, warts, acne, fifth disease, hives, ringworm, rashes from bacterial or fungal infections, rashes from allergic reactions, etc, are skin disorders affecting children. Skin care treatments include antihistamines, medicated creams and ointments, antibiotics, vitamin or steroid injections, laser therapy, targeted prescription medications, etc. temporary skin problems can be treated using medicated makeup, over-the-counter skin care products, making certain dietary changes, etc.


The most common complaints regarding hair include hair loss and dandruff. There are also other disorders such as head lice, ringworm, scalp, female pattern baldness, male pattern baldness, mole, atypical/ damaged hair, premature graying, etc. Our dermatology department provides the best treatment for all types of hair problems. Internal medications and clinical procedure facilities are available at affordable rates.

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There are many disorders affecting fingernails and toenails. Injury, infection and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis are some common causes of fingernail problems. Toenail problems may be caused due to trauma, ill-fitting shoes, poor circulation, poor nerve supply, infection, etc. Some of them will be very painful and some might lead to or will be symptoms of severe health issues. So, whenever you notice any difference in your nails, don’t wait to consult with a dermatologist for further diagnosis and treatment.

Dermatology Departments

Our dermatology department has two divisions. They are cosmetic dermatology and clinical dermatology.

Clinical dermatology

Clinical dermatology

The dermatology department of Med7*Clinic also provides clinical dermatology treatments. Our clinical dermatologists mainly deal with serious skin diseases than beauty problems. They may be permanent or temporary problems. They can be even life-threatening and require emergency medical treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. Some of the serious skin diseases that require medical treatments are Eczema, Psoriasis, cold sores, carbuncle, Rosacea, blood vessel conditions like varicose veins etc. We have trained specialists to provide treatments like antihistamines, medicated creams and ointments, antibiotics, vitamin or steroid injections, laser therapy, targeted prescription medications and other surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Cosmetic dermatology

A cosmetic dermatologist usually does aesthetic treatments like smoothing wrinkles, correcting skin tone and texture, and tightening up sagging skin. Our dermatology department provides cosmetic dermatology treatments which help to improve the external appearance of the skin for conditions like hyperpigmentation, acne, scars and wrinkles. We offer facilities for correcting skin tone, smoothing wrinkles, removing hair on the face or body, reducing surface fat, tightening skin, treating cellulite, treating acne and acne scars etc.

Cosmetic dermatology

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